Online Courses for 2018

The Salon of the Western Mysteries

A series of themed Q & A sessions, live online, with R J Stewart and Anastacia Nutt. Plus Mystery Guests!

In response to many requests, we are holding a virtual Salon during 2018. Come and join us, ask questions, hear answers and discussions.
Each meeting lasts between 1 hour and 1.5 hours.Themes are monthly on Sundays at 1pm Eastern Time (see Full 2018 PDF schedule).
Some topics include a discount on our bookstore CDs (with CD option). A reading list will be available for each theme. Is there a theme from our books, classes, workshops, that you would like to see on this list in the future ? Let us know!

January 14: The Old Faery Tradition (with CD option)

February 11: The UnderWorld Initiation (with CD option)

March 11: The Inner Temples and Inner Convocation (with CD option)

April 15: Magical Ballads (with CD option)

May 13:The Mothers of Change (with CD option)

June 17: Seeking Stillness (with CD option)

July 8: The Tree of Life (with CD option)

August 12: Principles of Spiritual Discernment

September 9: What is the Western Esoteric Tradition?

October 14: Faery Healing in folklore and modern practice (with CD option)                                                     

November 18: The Hanging Archangel: Lucifer & the Light Within the Earth

December 9: Inner Orders and Inner Contacts in modern practice.

Price: Each Salon meeting costs $45.00 payable by PayPal to . Checks can be mailed (in advance) to R J Stewart PO Box 239 Berkeley Springs, WV 25411.If you join 3 Salon meetings in advance, you can choose a 4th meeting for free. Please Note: No refunds or credits for failure to attend.
To join make your advance payment, and send an email confirming your choices to by the “reply-by” dates listed on the PRINTABLE 2018 PROGRAM SCHEDULE.  No changes of choice once booked. All meetings are held on GoToMeeting, a free online conference service for computer or phone. We will send you a link for each meeting.


Experiencing The Tree of Life

SATURDAYS – JANUARY 13 & 27 & FEBRUARY 3,10,17 at 1pm EST 

(10:00 US Pacific, 11:00 US Mountain 12:00, US Central, 18:00 Britain,  19:00 W. Europe,  20:00 Israel)


An on-line Inner Temple Traditions /Inner Convocation® course and live group broadcast presented by R. J. Stewart.

From the author of The Miracle Tree, The Sphere of Art (3 volumes), The Magical Arts (2 volumes), Music and the Elemental Psyche (2 volumes) plus other titles on mythology, sacromagical arts and transformation of perception imagination and consciousness.

Join us for a new course of online study featuring meditational, visionary and magical techniques for experiencing the Tree of Life. The course includes five online group classes, a new audio CD, support material sent as PDF files, plus member-only access to content on our forthcoming developing Qabalah website. Includes an option for ongoing tuition and future group work.

R.J. began his Qabalistic practices in 1969, initially working for seven years with the late W. G. Gray, one of the leading authors of the 20th-century on Qabalah and magical arts. During the last 35 years R. J. has taught classes internationally on the Tree of Life and related Sphere of Art and Asch Mezareph Qabalistic alchemical practices. He is the author of 42 books and many audio and music recordings.


  • THE TREE OF LIFE: The Tree of Life has ancient origins as a master-key to development and harmonizing of consciousness, through direct relationship to Earth, Moon, Sun and Planets, and Stars. Best known today in its Kabbalistic and Hermetic sources, the Tree of Life is a pan-cultural glyph sourced through understanding our human relationship to the cosmos and through communion with spiritual forces and beings that assist our inner transformation.
  • COURSE COSTS and BENEFITS: Cost for all Five Parts is $325 payable in advance. Payment by PayPal to  or by check to
  • R J Stewart, PO Box 239, Berkeley Springs WV 25411-0239.

NOTE: There is a $75.00 discount for active members of our ITIC teacher training program taking Part One for the first time. For anyone “repeating” the course taught in 2017, a discount of $125.00 applies. To qualify as a repeating course member you must have completed the entire course of 2017, no exceptions.

Includes a new audio CD for course members only with original music, sent by mail, plus PDF graphics for each part of the course sent by email, and unique access to content on our  Qabalah website, (in development).

To register contact . A GoTo Meeting link will be sent  after you register. This gives free access to the live online group by computer, smartphone, or regular phone call.  Please be aware that there is no option for selective joining. No refunds for non-attendance of any part of the course. If you drop out, you cannot drop back in! 

  • PART ONE: The Basics Re-Assessed for the 21st-Century

What is the Tree of Life? Firstly, the Tree of Life is not what it is often assumed to be. It is not a picture on a page, not a checklist of attributes, not uniquely owned by any one religion  culture or esoteric school.

How may we work with it? From birth to death to rebirth, the Tree of Life informs, transforms and resonates within us ceaselessly.

What effect will it have upon us and within us? Discover an ever-deepening conscious relationship with the natural and supernatural worlds.

Part One includes essential background and history of the Qabalistic/Kabbalistic/Hermetic traditions, leading to modern development and application. The Ten Spheres and the Seven Planets as sources of our growth change and interaction.

The Three Triads of Stellar Solar and Lunar Worlds, including: The Twenty-Two Paths linking the Spheres as keys to illumination.

  • PART TWO: Meeting the Archangelic and Angelic powers of the Tree of Life. Ecstatic and Magical Qabalah. 

Exploring historic and initiatory perennial traditions regarding angelic communion and how to experience this communion today. The angelic powers and entities are not limited to their descriptions within Judaism, Christianity or Islam, but come from older sources that influenced all. Many modern “New Age” concepts of angels are far removed from the older perennial wisdom traditions.

  • Angels and Planetary Spirits of the Spheres
  • Angels and Spirits of the Triads and Paths
  • The Four Regents or Guardians of the Sacred Directions
  • Archangels of the Moon Sun and Stars
  • The Great Archangel that includes All Archangels
  • PART THREE: Inner Contacts and Spirit Mentors within The Tree of Life

The almost forgotten significance of Lunar Solar and Stellar Daemones (emphatically not demons!).

  • PARTS FOUR and FIVE: Building and empowering a Tree of Life Temple

Be it a separate dedicated room or a small curtained corner, a physical/sacromagical Tree of Life Temple can be attuned empowered and maintained; no space is too small.

Part Four includes full instructions for the physical and sacromagical methods, including building a Tree of Life glyph, attuning the Sacred Space itself, and opening the temple to specific Inner Contacts within the Qabalistic Hermetic wisdom tradition.

Part Five includes unique methods for networking the Temples that our group will construct internationally.