In Tending the Sacred my aim is to assist others to better understand and perform their life’s work; for when one among us fulfills their soul’s promise, the world is a better place for us all.


Readings with Anastacia J. Nutt

Tarot II

Anastacia has offered Seership and Oracular Readings since 1995.  As a working Priestess and trans-denominational Minister with an international clientele, she works with people of many faiths and traditions.

General Guidelines:  Readings begin using unaided Seership.  Through this means, 1-3 primary, current life themes are discerned. The reading progresses as additional details are obtained using the Waite-Smith Tarot. At a Reading’s conclusion, both inspirational and practical guidance are in hand.

Readings often include specific follow up work for the client to perform on their own. This work seats the Reading into the life pattern. If desired, progressive Reading implementation support is available via Sessions.


All readings are paid in advance via PayPal, no exceptions.

First Time Client Readings require 1.5-1.75 hours and cost $150. 

Returning Client Readings $130.

Couples’ Readings $160

 Business Readings $250


GoToMeeting® is used to support all Readings, offering both phone and internet connection options.  Recordings are possible in Mp4 format, however note taking is recommended.


For additional inquiries or to schedule a reading, email Anastacia directly .


Note: An Intuitive Reading and/or Pastoral Counseling Session with Anastacia J.  Nutt is not intended as therapy or treatment or to replace therapy or treatment. Anastacia is an ordained Minister and working Priestess not a licensed therapist or medical professional of any kind. Her consultations provide illuminating and often transformative information offered for the purposes of increasing an individual’s personal spiritual capacity. Supportive suggestions such as teachings, meditations, reading material, personal rituals are all offered on this basis. 


RJ Stewart
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