The Salon of the Western Mysteries for 2022

Monthly Salon Dates, Presenters & Themes for 2022

March 13 Music and the Elemental Psyche – RJ Stewart

April 10 – Keepers of the Forge – Cáit Branigan

May 15 – Anglo-Saxon Magic – Rebsie Fairholm

June 12- The Behenian Fixed StarsLiz Williams

July 10 – The Further Path – RJ Stewart

August 14 – Seeking the Inner Convocation – RJ & Anastacia

September 11 – An Ecology of Incarnation – David Spangler

October 16 – Courting the Season of Endarkenment – Anastacia Nutt

November 13 – Temple of the Grail – Part II: Prester JohnJohn Matthews

December 11 – Fairy Narratives & Environmental JusticeProf. Sabina Magliocco

All Salon Events are Hosted by RJ & Anastacia
with Featured Guest Presenters

Price for Salon: $39.00 via PayPal to  No refunds on any Salon(s) pre-payment.

To Register: Email Anastacia directly 

Registration Deadline is the Friday before the Sunday Salon.All GoToMeeting links are sent out by 5pm the Saturday before each Sunday Salon to registered and prepaid attendees.

RJ Stewart
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