The Salon of the Western Mysteries for 2021

Monthly Salon Themes for 2021

February 21Magic in the Work of Rudyard Kipling w/ RJ Stewart

March 21 The Dreampower Tarot – RJ Stewart

April 18Russian Folklore, Myth and Magic with Cherry Gilchrist ~

May 16Befriending the Heavens with Sally Nurney & Anastacia J. Nutt

June 13Living Stones: The Ancient Mysteries & the Contemporary World with Prof. ArthurVersluis  ~

July 18The Mysteries of Avalon with Max & Lisa Goodwin ~

August 15Britain’s Pagan Heritage with Prof. Ronald Hutton~

September 19American Southern Folk Magic with Orion Foxwood

October 17 – Courting the Season of Endarkenment with Anastacia J. Nutt

November 14Environmental Far-Sight and Prophecy in the Work of Fiona Macleod with RJ Stewart ~ Part III of our ongoing explorations of Fiona Macleod

December 12Sewing the Worlds Together: Celtic Seership and Perceiving the Otherworld with Caitlín Matthews ~

RJ Stewart
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