Sessions with Anastacia J. Nutt

“Unless we strive to reach the magical realms where our real selves reside,
we shall never understand the purpose of our incarnation” – W.G. Gray 

clipart forestSessions work is based entirely upon the needs of the individual. It combines personal goals and spiritual structure within a self-paced framework. To begin, we perform an initial Reading wherein foundational guidance and direction is discerned, and then harmonized with each individual’s own desires and life determination. In addition to aiding a Reading’s implementation, individuals may incorporate Sessions into their own self-subscribed spiritual disciplines. 

Sessions range from 60-90 minutes and are charged on a time-based sliding scale of $70-90. Typically Sessions consist of shared life and spiritual direction via conversation, meditation and personal exercises. Like Readings, they are conducted via the GoToMeeting conferencing platform. All session participants are required to sign a general informed consent document.  Various session types are available as described below.

Individual Sessions focus on particular areas of personal interest and/or concern; and often based on the implementation of a recent Reading. Many clients use the Sessions format to provide a means of tailored, ongoing spiritual work.

Couples Sessions assist partners to ascertain a means of addressing couples’ spiritual issues regarding the relationship itself and/or life issues of concern to both parties.

PreMarital Sessions begin with a couples’ Reading and is followed by a series of couples’ explorations that help deepen our understanding of marriage and life-partnership both in a general and specfic manner.

Personal Ceremonies are designed by Anastacia in keeping with the Western Esoteric tenents coupled with the client’s needs and spiritual aspirations. Prices vary.

eddings & Community Rites are co-created and performed in partnership with those involved in the rites. All weddings include 4-6 pre-marital sessions with couples’ explorations homework. Additional ceremonial support is also available if necessary. Pricing varies by travel requirements and event complexity.

An Intuitive Reading and/or Pastoral Counseling Session with Anastacia J. Nutt is not intended as therapy or treatment, or to replace therapy or treatment. Anastacia J. Nutt is an ordained Minister and Working Priestess not a licensed therapist or medical doctor of any kind.  Her consultations provide illuminating and often transforming information offered for the purposes of increasing an individual’s personal spiritual capacity.  Supportive teachings, meditations, reading assignments, personal rituals are offered on this basis. 

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