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The Ongoing Tree of Life Course, 2019

The next part, Part III, of this Online Course will take place Winter 2019-2020.


Cost for all Five Parts is $350 payable in advance. Persons repeating the Part Two course pay $200.

To Qualify 1) You must have completed the entire Part One course.  2) All new Part Two students must email RJ a photograph of your working, hand-made Tree of Life.

Please be aware that there is no option for selective joining. No refunds for non-attendance of any part of the course. If you drop out at any time, you cannot drop back in.

GoToMeeting Course Links will be sent to all Registered and Paid attendees a few days before the course begins. Please note, only persons progressing with Becoming The Miracle Tree may participate in our online learning sessions, there may be no “link sharing or forwarding.” All course links, materials and website access are for your own private use.

Practical Work Included in the Course:

1. Synchronized workings around the world. Using a method similar to that used by A. R. Heaver from his Sanctuary of Avalon in Somerset.

2.  Individual work with Path Triads and  Angels upon the Tree.

3. Group and individual work with specific Inner Contacts through the Tree of Life and the Fourfold Inner Temples.

4. Creation of a disc, patten, or “magic mirror” for altar rituals.

5.  Elevation of four specific Elements (in the form of easily obtainable homeopathic potencies) through the Middle Pillar of the Tree: Carbon, Silver, Gold, Sulphur.

6. Creating a Qabalistic Cord imbued with the Elevations (through immersion), connecting to the mysterious Archangel Suvuviel.

Support Material will Include:

1. Relevant text and illustrations for each part of the Course

2.  Password access to which will go live during the Course.

3.  Audio CD of new original Qabalistic material, by R. J. Stewart

4. Original articles or essays on accessible by password only. This will include a detailed essay on W. G. Gray and the Archangel Suvuviel. Our website will include a photo of W. G. Gray’s dedication to me, signed and dated “summer 1970,” from The Office of the Holy Tree of Life.


STEP ONE: Email Anastacia: to register

STEP TWO: PayPal your payment to RJ at this address:
Mail your check to PO Box 239, Berkeley Springs WV 25411

RJ Stewart
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