The 7th Annual Season of Endarkenment Course

New to Endarkenment? This short video distills its essence

What Is Endarkenment?

Endarkenment is a time of year from Final Harvest to Early Spring.

It is also a sacromagical Mystery that ushers us into the land’s and our own hidden depth.

When light gives way to darkness, all life comes back to its core, and the threefold journey of Endarkenment begins.

Seasonal progressions quicken our life instincts, attune our imagination, shape our entire spiritual journey through life, from to birth to death.

The Season of Endarkenment course centers upon the seasonal progression of Winter beginning with Release at Samhain, then Regeneration at the Winter Solstice, and finally Return at Imbolc.

The Season of Endarkenment is deeply personal and contemplative course…infused with an enriching ambience formed by themed instruction, evocative meditation, magical hand-crafting and musical compliments.

Sometimes Winter is a season we readily embrace. Other times its dim days and long nights fills us with dread.

Whatever our relationship, the Season of Endarkenment course offers fresh avenues of deep exploration and seasonal appreciation, supported by the camaraderie of like-spirited seekers.

A Sampling of Themes for 2023-2024:

* Making Space for Our Endarkenment

* Coming True Upon the Isle of Wisdom and Grace

* Walking the Sweet Track of Ancestral Memory

* Living Creature Companions of Our Endarkenment

* Maeshowe Diving in Darkness

* Enkoimesis of Asclepius

Course Registration, Tuition & Discounts

Tuition for 2023-2024 course $350-250 sliding scale, payable in 2 equal payments before Class I and Class III via check or PayPal

To Register or obtain additional information email Anastacia directly.

RJ Stewart
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