The Season of Endarkenment Winter Course

New to Endarkenment? This short video from the 2021-22 course (above) relays its essence….

What Is Endarkenment?

Endarkenment is both a time of year and a Mystery.

The time of year encompasses the months from Final Harvest to Early Spring, late October to early February.

In modern times we are led to believe that spiritual awakening is achieved through transformations akin to the inner process of Enlightenment. In the Inner Temple Traditions we assert that spiritual awakening must also include the Mysteries of Endarkenment. Winter is our natural, rhythmic invitation to experiencing these Mysteries.

The Season of Endarkenment course returns us, to a manner of living and being in Winter. It is a way, known well to our ancestors, and to the innermost part of our primal self. As light gives way to darkness and warmth to cold…we may follow the season…into our own hidden depths.

The journey of Endarkenment is a journey infused by the imagination interacting with Winter’s Ways, though the meditation, ritual, hand-crafting and inward exploration. Through the magical art of Embodied Communion Endarkenment enhances our relationship with the winter lands, our ancestors, the world of living creatures, the deities of winter, the stars…and our souls.

The course meets from Samhain to Imbolc every Autumn-Winter cycle, 2022-2023 marks the 6th annual online offering of the Season of Endarkenment. I hope you will join us and discover for yourself the Sacred Mysteries inherent in the Season.

Course Format…

The Season of Endarkenment meets online using the GoToMeeting platform. Participants join via their smartphone, computer or tablet. All courses are live, participatory events and are not prerecorded.

Each of the six (6) online course meetings features Endarkenment teachings & meditations, seasonal storytelling.

All meetings are followed by written and audio content that weaves each phase of the Endarkenment journey from Samhain through Imbolc.

Course Preparation

The Season of Endarkenment is both an active and contemplative course. While many elements of the course are centered upon ritual and meditative interactions, others are centered upon physical crafting and tactile engagement.

All participants should gather the following four (4) magical tools/emblems in advance of our November start date:

  1. A new, unscented pillar candle,
  2. A Journal or notebook,
  3. 1-2 inch (diameter) ball of black yarn or dark colored twine, and
  4. 6-8oz of wet clay from the land, or self-hardening craft clay, for molding into amulets.
  5. 1 dry quart of garden soil or earth from your ecosystem (gathered before the ground hardens).
Endarkenment Flame, Thread & Amulets

Course Registration, Tuition & Discounts

Tuition for 2023-2024 course $325-265 sliding scale, payable in advance via check or PayPal.

Returning participants who bring a new Endarkenment participant with them, will receive two $25 discounts: one for themselves and one for their friend.

To Register or obtain additional information email Anastacia directly.

RJ Stewart
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