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~Classes & Monthly Salons Happening in 2021!

We have a full and exciting program soon to be finalized for 2021 with live online events on Magical Arts, Old Faery Tradition, UnderWorld Initiation for the future, Prophecy and Divination.


** STARTING MARCH 13TH – Becoming The Miracle Tree Qabalah for the 21st Century – a reprise of the popular online course.

** The Season of Endarkenment – Nov 7 & 21, Dec 5, 19 2021, Jan 9, 30 2022

COURSES to be Announced:

** NEW Dreampower Tarot based upon the new edition painted by Cade Burkhammer to RJ’s original designs, a course based upon the unique methods and capacities of this deck.

** The Mothers of Change – Two Courses, one introducing The Mothers of Change as a sacromagical series and the second offering intermediate methods for working with them “in the round.”

** NEW Faery Course based upon RJ’s forthcoming book The Further Path

** NEW Seership, Divination & Prophecy – revisiting the arts of inter-worlds communication, exploring their Roots, Rites and Revivification for our modern day and onward into the future.

Watch our website for full details regarding monthly Salons, online courses and events, plus our popular free Support Meditations twice weekly. 

~ Tues/Sat Inner Temples Support Meditations

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~ The Salon of the Western Mysteries for March 2021

New Dreampower Tarot 2021!

Sunday March 21st 2021 1pm – 3pm US EST
via GoToMeeting

NEW Dreampower Tarot with RJ Stewart

Discover the Mysteries of The New Dreampower Tarot with creator and designer R J Stewart. Explore this remarkable visionary set of images from the UnderWorld and EarthLight in our introductory Salon, prior to an online course starting in the early summer. New decks are available from our bookstore website or by request to .

The Salon will include the 22 major Triumphs and their interactions, plus a visionary meditation reaching down into the Stone, Pearl, and Whirlpool Realms.

The New Dreampower Tarot is the second iteration of R J Stewart’s groundbreaking deck of images first published in 1990 by Harper Collins.

The first edition artwork was painted by Stuart Littlejohn, from RJ’s unique designs and written descriptions. The new edition is painted by Cade Burkhammer (creator of the highly acclaimed The Wise Fool Tarot), from RJ’s original designs and descriptions , but with some subtle changes and a different visual style. The Dreampower deck is instantly recognizable, re-envisioned with a new luminous color palette and subtle feeling for each image. The Triumphs (major cards) and Court Cards (people) have been represented in an original way for the 21st century. An entirely new vision of the Number/Elemental cards has been created, in response to comments from users over the years, who wanted to find more visual content and extra keywords.

The first edition is still in copyright © R J Stewart, but there are no current plans to reprint it.  Both decks can be found on the Dreampower Website for sample free readings, intended as learning tools.

WARNING! BE CAUTIOUS! Unscrupulous dealers will offer Dreampower Tarot at extremely high prices. Often those offers are misleading and the buyer receives only a used copy of the older small handbook, not the full set of cards.

The New Dreampower Tarot comprises a full boxed set of 78 cards, with  vivid color on high quality linen card-stock with a UV  protective coating. They will last for many years of readings, visions, and deep meditative insights.

Confirmed Guest Presenters for 2021 Salons Include:

Prof. Arthur Versluis * Caitlin Matthews * Orion Foxwood * Cherry Gilchrist * Prof. Ronald Hutton * Max and Lisa Godwin

Inner Temples/Inner Convocation®

The Inner Temple Traditions/Inner Convocation (ITIC) ® practices comprise a body of specific teachings, meditations and ritual patterns that enhance our spiritual perception of and practical participation with the inner mysteries of the Western Esoteric Tradition.  Through these practices we learn to attune to, commune with and eventually mediate the spiritually transformative and magical powers inherent within the whole of Creation, from the regenerative depths of the UnderWorld, into the world of Nature and the heavenly Cosmos beyond. Drawing upon a long-standing continuum of Western Esoteric sacromagical work, these practices and texts that we work with have been developed and written by RJ Stewart over the past thirty-two years (1988 – present).

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Celebrating Over 30 Years of Publishing with over 40 titles on Celtic mythology, UnderWorld and Faery Tradition, Tarot, Music, Qabalah and Elemental Magic, RJ Stewart Books offers quality resources  to inspire and guide you in your exploration of the magical and metaphysical traditions of the West.     

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