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The Inner Temple Traditions/Inner Convocation (ITIC) ® practices comprise a body of specific teachings, meditations and ritual patterns that enhance our spiritual perception of and practical participation with the inner mysteries of the Western Esoteric Tradition.  Through these practices we learn to attune to, commune with and eventually mediate the spiritually transformative and magical powers inherent within the whole of Creation, from the regenerative depths of the UnderWorld, into the world of Nature and the heavenly Cosmos beyond. Drawing upon a long-standing continuum of Western Esoteric sacromagical work, these practices and texts that we work with have been developed and written by RJ Stewart from 1980 to the present.


Watch this short video for a description of The Faery OATh online course.

The Faery OATh is Open for All. 

If you are new to The Faery OATh…we welcome you!

If you wish to return and refresh your Faery OATh…we welcome you!

The Faery Oath is a powerful traditional magical oath, that is known from various sources.  In medieval descriptions, in poems or ballads, typically have someone swearing this “mighty oath, by Oak, Ash, and Thorn.” In fragmentary folkloric practice we find people swearing by Oak Ash and Thorn, even as late as the 19th century. It seems to have been regarded as an especially powerful oath.

The tradition of Oak Ash and Thorn touches upon ancient themes of powerful spirit beings in the land, and how we may relate to them today, in a time of multiple environmental crises. What does it mean to us today take, abide by and maintain such an OATh today? Is it perhaps one key element to the consciousness shift necessary for our survival? Join us to find out!

Dates: Sundays from 1-3pm US Eastern Time on July 14th, August 4th & 25th, September 15th and October 6th.

Tuition: $325 for all participants in the the Part One course (all five classes and support materials)if paid upfront. $350 if paid in two increments of $175 each before July 14th and September 15th.

Current Magical Order members AND anyone who completed the Faery OATh 3-part course when taught in workshops in the UK and USA (2012 – 2019) may pay a reduced tuition of $200 payable upfront only.

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Live Meditation on June 25 & 29

Offered Online Tues. 3pm & Sat. 9pm US Eastern Time

Led by Robert and Anastacia

Mediation in Support of Community Agriculture

Just beyond by the Summer Solstice our farmer’s markets, community gardens and personal home plots are growing fully, producing the summer foods our bodies love and rely upon.

It is appropriate and necessary that we focus our support meditation this week upon tending the Community Agricultural efforts where we live. 

Join us on Tuesday and Saturday as we engage in a meditation to mediate spiritual resources for all who are engaged in Community Agriculture at this time.

Join us for a live meditation offered Tuesday afternoons (3pm Eastern Time) and Saturday evenings (9pm Eastern Time). Anyone may join, no charge. Simply requesting the link by clicking the link below. Meditations last 20-25 minutes, vary in theme and are led by RJ, Anastacia and assistant teachers.

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Fairytales…Ballads…Folkloric Traditions that underpin and dwell within the root foundations of the Old Faery Tradition and, indeed, of magic worldwide. This course deepens our exploration of ancestral and esoteric aspects of folkloric tradition, centering upon one Arthurian romance written in alliterative verse, “Sir Gawain and the Green Knight,” and two well known initiatory ballads, “Tam Lin” and “Thomas Rhymer.”

In “F.M. Deeper In” we will dive in with hearts-in and hands-on engaging all participants in the operative magic of folklore. We will work, practically, with the magical precepts of three essential and enduring aspects of the Western Mysteries:“The Green Knight”and magical ballads “Tam Lin” and “Thomas Rhymer,” in Four Online Class Meetings viaGoToMeeting from 1:30pm-3:00pm US EST on Sundays

Class I May 5th: Sir Gawain and the Green Knight – Part I

Class II May 26th: Sir Gawain and the Green Knight – Part II

Class III June 9th:  The Ballad of Tam Lin & the Magic of Our Loving Bonds

Class IV June 30th: The Ballad of Thomas Rhymer & Working with Go-Betweens in Times of Change

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A simple, restorative meditation (written and performed by Anastacia Nutt) set in Nature for release, renewed strength and peace, as we continually care for whatever we hold sacred, during hard times. Available anytime on YouTube.

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