The Sevenfold Journey offers basic methods, skills and traditional teachings relevant to working with the living world of faery in our time. This course serves as the prerequisite for all further Faery and Underworld courses, and thus opens the door to deeper teachings, methods and inner experiences. Anyone interested in exploring RJ’s many books on the Old Faery Traditions in practical ways and in a supportive community setting is encouraged to join!

What Happened to Faeries? 

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Once upon a time, not so long ago, there were faeries. Not pretty little sprites in skimpy dresses with butterfly wings, but large powerful spirit beings. They used to talk to, and work with, our not-so-distant Ancestors.

Where are they now? They are still here, if you only look, ask and respond. 

First you have to clear out all the simpering little fairies, the commercial product fairies and images…do not allow them to live, rent-free, in your imagination.Faeries, real faeries, have a long long history, in every land in culture. In ancient Celtic tradition the most powerful  were the Tuatha de Danaan, the tribe of the Great Goddess Danu. They were the Lordly Ones, linking the Sacred Land and planetary UnderWorld to the Sun, Planets and Stars. Of course, one could just choose a cartoon fairy with pointy ears…buy the tee-shirt, buy the pointy ears…we have a right to do this. But maybe…just maybe…there’s more!

Over centuries, the Old Faery Tradition began to diminish, first due to the prohibitions of religion, and then, the rapid growth of modern materialism. The Tradition diminished, but the powerful spirit beings did not. 

So where did they go? Perhaps they did not “go” anywhere.  Perhaps it is we who have become removed?

In The Sevenfold Journey we rebuild our awareness of the Natural World, of its physical and subtle aspects. We do this through clearly defined Foundations, then Methods, then Alliances. The Sevenfold Journey ultimately enables us to come free of contemporary obfuscations, and enter into an ongoing, regenerative state of consciousness…that once learned may never be forgotten. 

Why Join the Sevenfold Journey?

  • Because you’ve read RJ’s books and would now like to get more involved in practical work in a supportive setting.
  • Because you wish to learn ways to relate to planetary change that are both spiritual and practical.
  • Because you are drawn to the awareness of faery beings but are dissatisfied with over-commercialized presentations and product placement abounding.
  • Because you are already working with the spiritual dimensions of Nature, and seek to expand your knowledge, experience and understanding.

The Seven Principles of our Old Faery Tradition Work

  • We go to The Crossroads in Vision to explore the Four Hidden Ways. 
  1. We enter into a Threefold Alliance: Human, Faery, Living Creature.
  1. Tend the Natural World where we live, gradually build a relationship with the spiritual beings who dwell there.
  1. We Physically Make our Offerings to the land, given in gratitude to the Spirits of Place. We physically make all Tools used in this work.
  1. Make necessary Lifestyle Changes, with awareness of Climate Change and Environmental Rebalancing.
  1. Refine our Media Engagement: general reading, screen time and content, and overall entertainment 
  1. Folklore vs Fakelore: we explore their differences,discovering the potent magic in traditional Ballads and Stories, and learn and experience how to work with them.

NOTE: All courses taught by RJ Stewart and Anastacia J. Nutt are not intended as therapy or treatment or to replace therapy or treatment. Courses provide illuminating and often transformative information offered for the purposes of increasing an individual’s personal spiritual capacity. Supportive teachings, meditations and literature are offered as suggestions that each individual must weigh for themselves.

RJ Stewart
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