The Crossroads Form

The Crossroads Form developed by RJ Stewart is published in Earth Light (1992), The Well of Light Book and CD (2004), The Spirit Cord (2006) and taught in workshops since the late 1980s. All content copyright protected, All Rights Reserved.

This is the basic pattern for The Crossroads Form. In practice it will often change according to your location. The Crossroads can be on the plains, in the mountains, by the sea shore, in the desert, or in the middle of a big city; anywhere the seven Directions in the Four Hidden Ways come together.

Coming into the Directions

Begin by being Still, Stilling your sense of Time and Space, and ceasing all Movement but for breath, in and out.

Be aware, first and last, of the Sky Above, the Land Below; of the Directions of the Land, which are East, South, North, and West.  So you have a Direction behind you, and a Direction before you, one to your right, one to your left.  The Direction behind you flows through you, and moves you forward. The Direction before you flows to you and creates according to your movement. Those on your right to left strengthen and uphold you.

Now you have a sense of place, of the Center, of your true home which is neither here nor there, but at the heart of the Four Directions.

The Crossroads

Find yourself at the Crossroads, with the Four Hidden Ways come together. The Four Hidden Ways of the world, that make long journeys short, and short ways heavy with unimagined time. The Hidden Ways pass through all places, all times, all events, secret and concealed, yet open and visible to all who have eyes to see and hearts to feel.

The Crossroads is an open place, with four plain simple trackways meeting in the Center. They come, all four, to the central stone, which is a small upright stone carved with spiral patterns. 

The Hidden Way of the East leads to the endless grassy plains rippling in the wind.  The Hidden Way of the South leads to the White Hill crowned with radiant trees in the Place of Light.  The Hidden Way of the North leads to the dark ancient forest and sacred mountain. The Hidden Way of the West leads to the murmuring realm of the ocean.

Stand at the center of the Four Hidden Ways, where all Directions come together as one, at the sacred marker stone. See, sense, and feel, the Hidden Ways of East, South, North, and West. Let your mind pass along them in all Directions, to the very end of the human world, into the real world that lies beyond. Here is where all journeys begin, all journeys end. Here, at the Crossroads.

The Crossroads is also a meeting place, where many beings from different orders of life come together in equality and grace. It is our intention to meet with those Allies, Cousins, Co-walkers and Companion Spiritual Creatures, that are apt and willing to work with us in the task of redeeming the surface world, to bring it closer and in harmony with the primal world.

Be aware that they draw close, coming from the East, South, North and West. Some also rise up from the Living Land Beneath, at the center of The Crossroads. They draw close, to meet us where the Four Hidden Ways come together, at the center of all Directions.

{Meditate in Silence}

Be aware that you are at The Crossroads, in the presence of your Allies, Cousins Co-walkers and Companions Spiritual Creatures.  You may return here always, in your dreams, visions, meditations, and waking consciousness. They draw close to you, embrace you, and commune with you. Join with them now in silence.

{Meditate in Silence}

Be aware that, out of the Host that has gathered, certain beings come to you, apt and fitting to work with you. You do not choose them, they come to you.

Sense, see, and feel these beings, and form clearly in your mind that your intention is to work with them in the art and discipline of Faery Healing. Let all your thoughts rest upon this one task, and vow to undertake it to the utmost of your ability.

{Meditate in Silence}

Now the Host begins to depart, and only your close companions remain.  Declare to each of them that you will remember, realize, and return. They will each affirm their bond with you in their own manner.

Now open your eyes, so that you are at The Crossroads, but also aware of the outer world, wherever you maybe. Rest upon the awareness that The Crossroads and your place in the outer world are one and the same, intertwined and inseparable.

Now be aware again of the Sky Above, the Land Below, and the Four Directions of the outer world. Be aware of what is in those Directions, be it city, ocean, or open land; whatever is there, form it in your mind: see it, sense it, and feel it all about you.

As you return to the outer world, offer your thanks and respect to those close Companions that have formed relationships with you. Acknowledge them to each of the Four Directions, and the Land Below.

Gradually their presents fades, and your presence in the human world increases.

Know that you may come and go freely, by way of The Crossroads, whenever you will. 

The Four Hidden Ways are always open to you, none may bar you from them. The Mysteries of the Directions will be revealed to you as you travel the Four Hidden Ways. 

Reaffirm, you have a Direction behind you, and Direction before you and Directions to your right and left. And so you know your place, your way, and your potential. 

Return to waking consciousness.

With us is the Grace of the Shining Ones in the Mystery of Earth Light. 

Peace to all Signs and Shadows, Radiant Light to all Ways of Darkness, 

And the Living One of Light Secret Unknown Reborn Forever.

RJ Stewart
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