Course Etiquette

SACROMAGICAL COURSE ETIQUETTE for RJ Stewart & Anastacia J. Nutt Workshops

  1. All workshop payments must be received in full prior to workshop commencement, no exceptions for late entry or door payments on the day.
  2. No computers, smart phones or other technical devices are permitted in workshops for recording, notetaking or any other use.  All cell phones must be switched off for the working sessions…during breaks they may be used outside the teaching room.
  3. Due to increased sensitivities of many people and the prevalence of perfumed personal care products these days, we please ask that  all attendees refrain from using scents and perfumes of any kind prior to and during our workshops.
  4. Finally, drug or alcohol use is not permitted of any participant in our workshops. Any intoxicated participant will be asked to leave the workshop without a refund or future credit, and will be barred from future event participation.
RJ Stewart
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