Priest & Priestess Arts for the 21st Century 


Many courses today center upon the outward expression of spiritual and magical work, focusing upon romanticized acts of magic with little reference to the world in which we live today.

All Priests and Priestesses are defined by the context of their times.

Formed by 20 years training men and women in the sacred arts, Anastacia takes a wholly different approach to the norm providing a course that hones both the inner human being and the outer magical capacities in tandem and in accordance with the following cooperative magical motto:


“Magic is a conversation, between different orders of intelligence united by a shared language and a common purpose”


If you are interested in developing your inner and outer Priest/Priestess skills and abilities, in keeping with the unique demands of our present era, consider the PPA Course.


The Priest & Priestess Arts for the 21st Century Course Includes: 

The Priest & Priestess Arts for the 21st Century is a comprehensive, self-paced correspondence course consisting of twelve modules presenting intermediate to advanced study. Twelve modules based upon Tarot Triumphs and particular Tree of Life paths. Each module includes written & recorded support materials delivered electronically.  

All modules offer balanced content including Reading Material, Specific Teachings/Lessons, Complementary Meditation Forms, Ritual Workings and Tactile Explorations. 

Each Module is completed via written comments on your coursework as well as a one-on-one hour conference call discussion.

Cost: $756-1000 sliding scale ($63-83 per module) on a pay-as-you-go basis. 


To receive detailed introductory course materials, e-mail Anastacia directly