Priest & Priestess Arts for the 21st Century 

The Priest & Priestess Arts for the 21st Century course is a comprehensive, self-paced distance learning program consisting of twelve modules presenting intermediate to advanced study, meditation and ritual work. Its spiritual core lies within the Western Esoteric Tradition, the Cosmic patterning of Hermetic Qabalah and the unified heart of human spirituality.



The Course Includes: 

Twelve modules including written & recorded support materials delivered via post and/or email.  Each module is between 40-100 pages in length and features Lessons, Meditations, Rituals, Explorations and Reading Assignments.

At the completion of each module, a one hour conference call is scheduled to discuss homework and exercises.

E-mail question and answer availability is included.

Cost: $756-1000 sliding scale ($63-83 per module) on a pay-as-you-go basis. On average course requires 16-24 months to complete.

A sampling from Module I: Intention and Initiation follows.


Module I: Intention and Initiation 

Meeting at The Well: Our Methods of Working 

PPA Esoteric Glossary – Creating Common Ground 

Pythagoras the Initiate – Orienting Ourselves for Sacromagical Work 

Initiatory Dream Induction 

The Body Barometer: Attuned Embodiment 

Foundations in Stillness w/ Audio CD 

Sacred Object Quest and Consecration 

“The Miracle Tree” by R. J. Stewart 

Seeking Stillness and the Great Nothingness of the Cosmos” by Anastacia J. Nutt



To receive introductory course documents, please e-mail Anastacia directly