The Fifth Nameless Goddess

Working with the Fifth Nameless Goddess: from Salon, November 2019 The mythic sequence is an allegory, describing spiritual powers that are typically beyond human awareness. Yet, by building a Mystery, we create an interface through which we may relate. By attuning to the Inner Temple telesm, and acknowledging the Four Nameless Goddesses, one in each direction, we seek to work consciously with the profound changes that we sense and feel in our world…with the nascent Fifth Nameless Goddess who rises in the center.

Here is the method that has been taught to groups for the last twenty or more years:

1 Be Still, stilling Time Space and Movement.

2 Attune to the Directions: Above, Below, Within. East Before, West Behind, North Leftward, South Rightward.

3 Attune to the Inner Convocation, the Pillar of Light, and the Four Temples in the Directions.

4 Be Still, Stilling Time Space and Movement.

5 Sense see and feel the Four Nameless Goddesses, each within the respective Temple of Her innate Direction. Spend some time feeling their presence, sensing their pervasive power. Do not indulge in “invoking” or “evoking”. The Four Nameless Goddesses are ever present, and our task is to increasingly come into awareness of them.

6 Feel the Four Nameless Goddesses around you, and/or around the room or chosen space in which you work. Be Still, and feel their Presence.

7 Now let your awareness rest upon the Center. This will be Before you, in the center of the Directions. Sense see and feel the burgeoning Fifth Nameless Goddess in the Center.

8 Sense how the Four give Gifts (defined energy) to the Fifth. As you feel this build, reach out and give something of yourself to Her.

If humanity contributes to this Goddess, the forces of planetary change will become softer for us, as something of Humanity will be within Her. Thus we are contributing to the build of a new Telesm, that of the Fifth Nameless Goddess. 

RJ Stewart
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