Fairytales…Ballads…Folkloric Traditions that underpin and dwell within the root foundations of the Old Faery Tradition and, indeed, of magic worldwide. This course deepens our exploration of ancestral and esoteric aspects of folkloric tradition, centering upon one Arthurian romance written in alliterative verse, “Sir Gawain and the Green Knight,” and two well known initiatory ballads, “Tam Lin” and “Thomas Rhymer.”

Like the “F.M.” Foundations course just completed, this is not an intellectual course. In “F.M. Deeper In” we will dive in with hearts-in and hands-on engaging all participants in the operative magic of folklore. 

We will work, practically, with the magical precepts of three essential and enduring aspects of the Western Mysteries:“The Green Knight”and magical ballads “Tam Lin” and “Thomas Rhymer,” in Four Online Class Meetings viaGoToMeeting from 1:30pm-3:00pm US EST on Sundays

Class I May 5th: Sir Gawain and the Green Knight – Part I

Class II May 26th: Sir Gawain and the Green Knight – Part II

Class III June 9th:  The Ballad of Tam Lin & the Magic of Our Loving Bonds

Class IV June 30th: The Ballad of Thomas Rhymer & Working with Go-Betweens in Times of Change


“F.M.” Foundations course (2024 or 2021 version), Prior Magical Ballads course work with RJ/Anastacia or Membership in the Magical Order of the ITIC. To inquire contact Anastacia directly (anastacianutt@gmail.com).


“Sir Gawain and the Green Knight 

Choose between two translations (or work with both): 1) Brian Stone published by Penguin Classics and/or 2) Simon Armitage published by W.W. Norton.We will also incorporate “The Green Knight” movie (2021) streaming or DVD.

“Ballads of Tam Lin & Thomas Rhymer”

RJ Stewart’s books “The Well of Light” and “UnderWorld Initiation.” $10 discount on purchase RJ’s 2 books UnderWorld Initiation + The Well of Light (email Anastacia directly to purchase).


$200 for all four classes, includes original written course materials 

$150 discounted tuition for persons just completing the “F.M.” Foundations course and all active members of the Magical Order of the ITIC


  1. Email Anastacia to reserve your place (anastacianutt@gmail.com) before May 1st. 
  2. Make your course payment to RJ Stewart Books via this PayPal link: paypal.me/rjspeak Please write “FM:Deeper In” in the PayPal memo field.  
RJ Stewart
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