Classical Tarot: Western Esoteric Foundations of the Oracle

Classical Tarot is a 9-part series incorporating the Western Esoteric foundations of Tarot and in-depth study of its employment as a divinatory tool.

Classes 1-3 orient us to the Origins of the Oracle within the Western Esoteric Tradition. Classes 4-6 relay the sacromagical language enfolded within the Visconti-sforza-19-sunoracle’s Major and Minor Arcana. Classes 7-9 focus on techniques, ethics and responsibilities of its use as a divinatory tool for ourselves and/or others. Further explorations, designed to strengthen practical application of each class, are included.

Classical Tarot is taught in 1.25 hour monthly sessions using GoToMeeting and includes both audio and pictorial content. Persons interested in this online course must have a high-speed internet connection to participate.

Fee is $450 ($50 per module) for the basic course.

A Waite-Smith Tarot deck and specified source materials are also required.  To inquire or enroll, please email Anastacia directly.

RJ Stewart
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