Tree of Life from RJ Stewart

New Qabalah for the 21st Century

R J Stewart has been practicing Qabalah since 1969, when he first began to study with the late William Gordon Gray, a renowned British esotericist and Hermetic Qabalist. He received Qabalistic initiations from W G Gray and A R Heaver during the early and mid 1970s, combining two lineages, one from Russia and France, the other from the Middle East and Israel.

RJ Stewart’s published books on Qabalistic and associated magical subjects include Living Magical Arts and Advanced Magical Arts (1980s), The Miracle Tree (2002), The Sphere of Art vol 1 (2008), The Sphere of Art vol 2, The Purifying Fire (2012) and The Sphere of Art vol 3, The Book of the Inner Temples and Inner Convocation (2016).  The Miracle Tree and three volumes of The Sphere of Art, plus associated CDs, provide substantial content for working with R.J. Stewart’s Qabalistic stream. 

Currently The Miracle Tree consists of a series of in-depth, online courses supported by a new website www.Qabalah.us

RJ Stewart
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