The Mothers of Change Sacromagical Series

Book, CD and Workshop Series offered by Anastacia J. Nutt & R J Stewart Books

Many primary sacromagical principles of the Western Esoteric Tradition rest upon the understanding that all things are created from four essential “roots” or elements: Air, Fire, Water and Earth. Change occurs first in the Divine templates of the unseen worlds before becoming manifest in the physical world. When consistent in their co-creative proportioning, their manifest form is relatively consistent. When this proportioning fluctuates, change manifests.

If we attune our awareness to the inner realms where change originates, 
we may better prepare for and co-create within its unfolding currents. 

This is where The Mothers of Change sacromagical series orients.

The Mothers of Change is a sacromagical series focused upon six mother goddesses of the Western Mystery Tradition whose primary, emergent cultures were poised upon prominent change-thresholds. Still present through the ages, we too may draw upon these “Mothers of Change” in our own time of necessary adaptation.  Mediating the forces of Creation through the feminine form, the Mothers of Change foster insights and supportive inner guidance that assists us during times such as these.


The Mothers of Change, Part I online course begins in the Spring of 2022. The last Part I course was offered in 2018, the next will be offered in 2024. The Part I course is designed for a variety of individuals who:

  • Have read the book, The Mothers of Change, but now wish to experience this magical work in a concentrated form and/or within a network of like-spirited people, 
  • Are new to The Mothers of Change, and come with a desire to make significant adaptive changes in their lives rooted in the sacred,
  • Desire to create a spiritual and magical foundation to help them relate to and navigate today’s evolving change-demands.

2022 Course Logistics

Sundays from 11am – 1pm US Eastern Time

Mar 20 * April  17 * May 22 * June 19  * July 17 * Aug 21 * Sept 18

All courses meet on GoToMeeting (like Skype or Zoom) which provides access for smartphones, tablets and computers.

Course fees are offered on a sliding scale from $210 – $350 USD.

For complete information and course material requirements & to register, email Anastacia directly.

RJ Stewart
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